Stemma Animalia

Stemma Animalia

During 1995 SA Stud Book formed a company known as Stemma Animalia (Pty) Ltd. The name of the company means 'pedigrees of animals'.

SA Stud Book is the sole owner of Stemma Animalia and the entire executive committee automatically forms the Board of Directors of Stemma Animalia. Since SA Stud Book is a non-profit organisation, and therefore exempt from tax liabilities, Stemma Animalia serves as its commercial arm, acting as holding company for Stud Book's investments and fixed assets, like its very efficient building.
Stemma Animalia also renders a very effective and needed service to various Breeders’ Societies through its secretarial service.

Secretariat Services

Stemma Animalia runs a service organisation known as the Secretariat.  The Secretariat is a non-profit  organisation that renders financial and administrative services to several  breeders’ societies.

The Secretariat is not in competition with other independent societies.  They supply an administrative service to societies that choose, because of logistical reasons, not to run their own offices and rather make use of the Secretariat’s infrastructure, but still keep their own identity. The core function of the Secretariat is to manage the general and financial administration of the society in the most professional way possible.  The goal is not to take over the management of the society. That stays the responsibility of the Board.

Benefits to Societies

Societies that make use of the Secretariat services, enjoy amongst others, the following benefits:

  • The society still have majority power through the Secretarial Services Committee, consisting out of the Presidents of the participating societies.  They can decide about the money paid over to the Secretariat. This gives the Society the maximum protection against drastic tariff increases.
  • The sharing of overheads has a direct impact on the society’s financial position.  No cross-subsidising is possible in the current system.
  • The financial and bank statement of every society is independently managed.  Every society has its own bank account and can determine who the authorised signatories should be.
  • Something that is very important for the Secretariat is that every society can keep its unique identity.  A society should be sure that their breeders will not be less important than any other breeder making use of the service.
  • The societies are sure of continuity because staff of the Secretariat will be directly involved in the affairs of the society. A matrix method of management is used and it ensures that the resignation or transfer of a staff member will not have an influence on a society.


JC vand den Berg Manager: Secretariat 051 4100 963
Yvonne Binding Accountant 051 4100 960
Eleanor de Jager  Financial Officer 051 4100 962
Daleen du Preez Society Officer 051 4100 948
Breed: Saddle Horses
Liezel Grobler Society Officer 051 4100 958
Breed: Hereford, Tuli, Shorthorn Cattle as well as Pigs
Charmaine Haarhoff Society Officer 051 4100 957
Breed: Arab Horses
Elna Lotter Society Officer 051 4100 954
Breed: Milk Goats and Friesian Horses
Alma Marais Society Officer 051 4100 956
Breed: Saddle Horses
Marisa Nel Society Officer 051 4100 950
Breed: Boerboele
Elize Prinsloo Society Officer 051 4100 952
Breed: SA Boerperde
Hesther van der Walt Society Officer 051 4100 966
Breed: Borane
Marike Simkin Society Officer 051 4100 945
Breed: Arab Horses and Deelsgeteëlde Arabiere
Christine van der Merwe Society Officer 051 4100 951
Breed: Borane
Anna-Marie Viljoen Society Officer 051 4100 967
Breed: Sussex, Braunieh and South Devon Cattle
Sonja Wasserman Society Officer 051 4100 955
Breed: Pinzgauer and Gelbvieh Cattle and Meatmaster Sheep
June Wiid Society Officer 051 4100 953
Breed: Charolais, Romagnola, Dairy Swiss Cattle and Ile de France Sheep
Ronandé Wiese Society Officer 051 4100 974
Breed: Miniature Horses, Hackneys and Drakensbergers
Lizanne Vermeulen Society Officer 051 4100 968
Breed: Dormer Sheep



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