Genomic and Advisory Services

Genomic and Advisory Services

Genomic and Advisory Services ensure that the objectives of service delivery and liaison are carried out by, among others, providing technical and professional advisory services to breeders’ societies and their members; liaison with the broad livestock industry, including the national and provincial Departments of Agriculture; and various administrative, liaison and promotional functions. This section also controls the import and export of genetic material and manages parentage verifications. This section is further responsible for managing Stud Book’s genomic services.


Show- and Sales catalogues

Various formats exist for sales catalogues that can be compiled from the data on the system. In some cases, personnel from this section assist breeders' societies with the compilation of sales catalogues. These catalogues can also be obtained directly from Logix. Show catalogues are compiled by request in conjunction with the breeders'- and show society involved.

For more information contact Elsa van den Berg at (051) 410 0900 or e-mail her at

Advisory Services

The section assists breeders' societies and breeders in interpreting various standard reports and with the application of the results from these reports to achieve their objectives more effectively.


The section is responsible for the inspection of all animals of Direct Entry breeds..

Data extraction and -analysis

The section supports breeders' societies in analysing their information needs and designing and implementing programmes to address their data needs. The section regularly undertakes ad hoc data analyses for breeders' societies when they have unique needs in this regard.

Parentage verification

The section is responsible for the management of the random parentage verification program and also conducts all parentage verification tests that are done according to Bye-law 9 of the Constitution of SA Stud Book, as instructed in the Animal Improvement Act.

For more information contact Elsa van den Berg by (051) 410 0900 or e-mail them at


The section is responsible for various publications of the SA Stud Book Association, notably the SA Stud Breeder magazine, SA Livestock Breeding and the Stud Breeders' Manual.

For more information, contact Elsa van den Berg at (051) 410 0900 or e-mail her at

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